Have you ever wondered why an the Altiris Real-Time Console responds slowly?  This is especially evident when doing training or demonstrations - you double click on a provisioned systems resource, which opens the real-time console.  When selecting on the real-time tab - the clock pops up and spins for a little bit... and finally you are able to access the page.


Well - some tuning might help that situation.  Take a look at  http://juice.altiris.com/node/4071


In case you didn't click on the link - the short answer is that the Altiris console is attempting 4 connections - ASF, AMT, WMI, and SNMP.  If all you need is AMT, or perhaps AMT and WMI - save a few threads and time by disabling the unneeded authentications.  This is more than just leaving the entries blank in the configuration profile - it also involves registry changes.  There are other excellent suggestions\inputs on the page.  Click on the link above!