Over the next few posts I would like to describe 3 different scenarios as they apply to the adoption of vPro technology. I will be leveraging 3 categories as it describes to the IT shop (Maintain your baseline, Maximize your potential and Migrate completely to the new technology).  These categories also relate directly to the % of vPro machines that are in your IT shop.  


First, let’s start with maintaining your baseline.   What are the challenges facing the IT shop and support provider of IT services as it relates to the client computers? Manageability and Security of that asset, along with ensuring lower costs for keeping them updated and the highest level of availability as it relates to the usage. However what is missing above is the Energy savings piece of the equation.  To date our experience has been that integrating a power management & energy savings profile in your IT environment for vPro machines is an easy way to keep your baseline going and just add one new usage in your environment.  I consider this to be maintaining your baseline, but making a small modification to realize benefits.    Specifically this means the standard ability with turning Machines off that can reduce the power bills, however it is just a small change in the current IT policies/practices. 


Now for the IT shop that is looking to Maximize your potential and have new level’s of service.   The opportunity to implement more usages is always possible, for example if you are looking to move beyond the power use case to more of the remote repair to save $$’s in both Tech Time, downtime, productivity of the employees.  I would note that the further you look to maximize your potential it will require additional planning, testing and of course effort to do so.   I will deep dive deeper into the impact of each additional usage and what you can expect from a change perspective for your IT shop in the coming blogs.  


Last case is the Migration path..  full migration of ZERO/Little vPro to all vPro ( here is where it gets fun )..  Must haves are:  Good Strategy, Architecture awareness, Manageability/Security Landscape, & Top Pain points.  If you have these at your disposal you are in good shape to have immediate value to your migration.  


I look forward to deep diving into each of these over the coming weeks.


Josh H