The 3rd generation of Intel vPro technology that was launched yesterday, along with the recently launched Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology, will, for the first time, enable IT to manage PCs beyond the corporate firewall even when the PC is off or the OS is unavailable.  There are various use models that this new functionality enables, such as:

  • Fash Call for Help

  • Scheduled Remote Maintenance

  • Remote Alerts


Steve Grobman, Intel's Director of Client Business Architecture, gives an excellent overview of the new benefits that come with support outside the corporate firewall. Watch below and also see a demo of this new functionality with the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite.


Also, see how this new functionality is supported with the LANDesk Management Suite.

With Intel vPro technology now out in the marketplace for more than 2 years, hear from industry analyst Peter Kastner on the impact Intel vPro technology has had in the marketplace.

Also, hear from Symantec and LANDesk, on how their end-customers are taking advantage of Intel vPro technology, and how they will take advantage of new 2008 features.

Symantec with Intel vPro technology:


LANDesk with Intel vPro technology:

Another exciting development with Intel vPro technology has been the emergence of virtualized PC models.  Hear from Citrix and VirtualLogix on these new PC models.

Citrix with Intel vPro technology:

Demo of Citrix software with Intel vPro technology:

VirtualLogix with Intel vPro technology:

We also had Infineon talk about how they are using an industry-standard TPM that is now part of Intel vPro technology to store keys in hardware.  Listen to their video below.