Is having an IT Client Architecture important?  


At first glance the discussion around architecture can be more of academic exercise vs. practical.  It also may conjure up hours of wasted calories that have little relevance to the fires of the day.   However I encourage you that the activity of IT architecture is something of great relevance and will help define your business, data, applications & technology strategy with their interdependencies.  My boss and direct manager Prasad Rampalli (Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group) was one of the founding fathers of setting up Architecture practices in Intel IT and his experiences prior, during and after help shed light on why IT Architecture is critical for the success of the IT shop. Also, over the last couple of months you have seen Bob Stoddard (IT Architect) from Intel talk about what is happening in his world from and why it is important for his role in Intel IT.   I also have participated, contributed and helped drive architecture in my prior roles inside Intel IT, therefore  I thought it would be good to get us all together and spend a few moments talking about why IT Architecture is important.  




I would also check out our Architecture WIKI, where we are taking our Enterprise Integration Lab and Architecture activities a step further.


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