Citrix and Intel have been working together to deliver a solution that builds on both companies expertise.  The end-to-end solutions, application delivery, and virtualization software that Citrix provides combined with the manageability, performance, and security from vPro deliver a novel solution.  The solution allow the IT OS build to go through a secure or trusted boot, where the hardware and software used to launch the OS is measured for integrity before the program executes.  The OS can be streamed off a remote server, and the end-user gets the rich client side local execution experience.


In this video, Citrix Software's Paul Hahn, Director of Business Development / Virtualization & Management Division, and Matt Edwards, Product Manager, talk about how Citrix Systems is developing products for OS/App Streaming on top of Intel vPro technology.  You will see that the virtualized, measured, and streamed OS is able to still render and rotate a rich CAD drawing.