There is simply no bigger pickle than the one you find yourself in when your computer receives a boot error. Whether it's because your ntldr file is missing or your boot.ini is corrupted, boot errors are quite the serious annoyance within the IT world. Imagine one of your clients recieves a boot error and is unable to access the Operating System, what are you supposed to do? Sure, you could waste the time to walk over to wherever the system is located and manually repair the problem, but what if your client system is not even at the same site that you're working at? Well there's an easy fix with vPro AMT technology and that's known as Remote Diagnostics Remote Repair, more commonly called the "Spare Tire ISO fix". The Spare Tire ISO essentially allows you to send an image of the missing or corrupted boot file down the wire to temporarily boot the OS, thereby allowing you to use simple tools such as mapping a network drive to replace your malovent file. More importantly, all of this is easily executable in literally little to no time at all. In this short video, I'll show you how to utilize the Spare Tire ISO through a SMB perspective using System Center Essentials and the AMT Management Pack.




To find out more about the Spare Tire Fix and how to actually CREATE this particular ISO from scratch, make sure to check out this resource.