Here are the key use cases supported by MS SCE (Microsoft System Center Essentials).  Each of the use cases below will reference a certain page in the Manageability Pack located @  Therefore I highly recommend you download the PDF and then cross reference the list below. 


System Discovery

Discovery allows the Management Pack to locate Intel® AMT systems. During the discovery process, the Management Pack retrieves asset information from the Intel® AMT subsystem. Discovery needs to be performed before you can perform any other Intel® AMT-related tasks.

For details on the different ways to perform discovery, see “Discovering Systems” on page 87.


Viewing Asset Information

You can view information about the Intel® AMT system’s hardware assets (CPU, memory, and more).

For details on viewing asset information, see “Retrieving Asset Identification Information” on page 97.Intel® AMT Management Pack for Ops Manager and Essentials • Installation and User’s Guide 6


Power Control Operations

Power control operations enable you to remotely control the power states of Intel® AMT-supported systems.

You can apply the following power control operations to Intel® AMT systems:



•power cycle


You can specify the way that a system should boot, depending on the specific system implementation.

For details on power control operations, see “Power Control Operations” on page 101.


SOL/IDE Redirection Operations

The SOL/IDE Redirection feature enables you to remotely perform the following redirection operations on Intel® AMT-supported systems:

•Serial Over LAN (SOL): Allows you to display the non-graphic boot screens of an Intel® AMT machine, thereby allowing you to modify BIOS entries or to change the way that the system boots.

•IDE Redirection (IDER): Allows you to boot the Intel® AMT machine from a boot image located elsewhere on the network.

For details on redirection operations, see “Redirection Operations” on page 109.


System Defense

The System Defense feature allows you to define multiple system defense policies and apply them individually to a system.

For details on the System Defense feature, see “System Defense” on page 121.Chapter 1 • Introduction7


Event Handling

You can configure Intel® AMT systems to send PET (Platform Event Trap) events to multiple event collectors, and view these events in Ops Mgr/Essentials. For information on the PET protocol, refer to the ASF specification at

For details on registering for PET events, see “Registering and Unregistering for PET Events” on page 137.

For details on monitoring PET events, see “Monitoring Alerts (PET Events)” on page 157.


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