I am in the process of setting up a SyAM environment and ran across their use case documentation on their site.  While I'm just in the reading phase right now I am pleased with what I am seeing around the use cases and documentation for configuration.  here's the TOC from their document - http://syamsoftware.com/main/products/SyAM_AMT_Common_Uses-Draft_v5-Final.pdf 


Use Case 1: Patch Deployment

Use Case 2: BIOS Flash

Use Case 3: BIOS Changes

Use Case 4: System Recovery from Corrupt NTLDR File

Use Case 5: Restoring the Operating System


My next step is to finish installation & test it out.   If you are using SyAM i'd like to hear from you on your experience, configuration and any vPro relevant information.  


Josh H