1 year anniversary - YES!


I wanted to start this blog by saying what an interesting, fun, and action packed year it's been for the vPro Expert Center.  we had a vision about 1 1/2 years ago to create a community where we could bring all parties together to talk about vPro and really make a difference in the activation and integration of this technology into the IT environment. I know that to be 1 years old in a community is just a small milestone, however for me it has been a blast to connect with a # of folks from the community both in the forums, onsite and at events where we can talk face to face.  As I reflect back on the year, here are the top 5 and bottom 5 of what the community did that I think made a difference. (I could have made this the top 50). 



  • Have seen some of the best bloggers join us online for dialogue (BIG Thank You)

  • Had great participation across the board - HW(OEM), SW(ISV), YOU, Intel, etc.. 

  • Started a Radio show on blogtalkradio -  check it out (even on itunes)

  • Started a few sub zones that are really helping - microsoft, activation, and our latest SMB Talk.

  • Partnered with Myitforum.com and started using resources/wiki's for key events (Manage fusion, Microsoft mgmt summit)


Bottom 5

  • We published over a dozen tools and then didn't call them free tools and then we pulled one down that folks really cared about (yes it's almost fixed for those that know what I am referring to)

  • Implemented an ask the experts section, however we used as a single thread and now it's hard to find past solutions/fixes - (yes this is being fixed)

  • Tried to do an online TV show (good luck finding that legacy show anywhere)

  • We started a contest and made it to hard to participate - (we took the feedback and will try something soon that is easier to participate)

  • We haven't created a points system yet to showcase who's really answering all the questions and if the answers are good one's.  (reputation system or something of that nature).


What does this all mean, we still have more work to do to make this community better.  I'm committed to making this an awesome community, focused on you and how to make your life easier with vPro.  Keep coming back and spreading the word to friends.


I also want to recognize the great community for giving me input on how to make this better over the year and I want to hear more over the next year on what we can do to make this a better community, increased functionality, richer video, tools, etc.  If you have input on what you would like to see, what we can improve, what we should stop doing, etc.. please drop me a line by either blogging me back here, or just send me an email - josh@intel.com.  


Or if you have product input that is always welcome, for example, on features we should have in the ME (manageability engine) or Software to leverage our silicon. 


So.. what's next?  I can tell you that I have been planning, thinking, waiting for September 22nd for the last 2 month's, I can't say much, but I can say you will want to be on the vPro Expert Center that day and check out something very exciting.  (if I say any more I'll get the PR/Mktg teams yelling at me)..  I can say that we will have more video's, more quick start guides and more focus on CIRA (FAst call for help) coming out soon as the HW starts to show up and we can show real life scenario's with rich detail.   We are also going to spend more time focused on how to fast track a few use cases, like Going Green with vPro, Remote Repair, & Patching @ Night.  After hearing this discussed the last month I believe the community with see value in the output here.  


I would also like to give kudos to a # of community peers both inside & outside of Intel that have shared their wisdom, data, approaches and even video editing skills to help me start this community.   I think we've only just begun and I am personally looking forward to the road ahead.    please give me a shout out to tell me what you think of the community..   


Josh H

Community Manager - vPro Expert Center