I am so lucky to experience IDF (thank you Jason Davidson, Josh Hilliker and Kevin Ma). The atmosphere here is amazing. Wide varieties of people are here to enjoy what is new coming out of Intel. Opening key notes were invigorating and exciting. Craig Barrett kicked off the experience with his speech, "Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned," what a simple and powerful saying in Craig Barrett's speech.


Going through show floor area, where the majority of the demos are located, there is so much exciting new stuff, everything from virtualization to new hardware. Let me key you in on something that is going to big with vPro: remote help for your home computer. With this technology, you can have a key stroke on your PC, it will send a signal to several qualified providers that you can choose from, they will receive a code, and the one of your choice can fix your PC remotely. You would not even need to bring in your PC or have a tech come to your place of residence for most problems. Josh Hilliker is going to be putting up w a PDF about it here on the vPro Expert Center. Keep your eye out for some clips and more cool new features from different people on the Open Port site.





(Some cool give-a-ways!!)