Ah...I love talking about virtualization. Virtualization feels like some non-reality spectrum. It is as if you can manipulate it to do anything with it. The topic just seems endless; technology is starting to run with the idea of that. With vPro, virtualization will be able to go farther. Remote manageability aids in the virtualization area. The thought of two different versions of a program being on the same client and the computer not being able to have them up is a thing of the past. They wouldn't even know that each other were there.






With the real world in mind, big companies with many different offices could stream private information to each other with vPro. This would prevent sensitive information from leaking out to the wrong hands. Hospitals would benefit from this because when their patients' files are in their data base they can just stream the whole data from their server to the client computer where the doctor is, again security would help aid against any tampering of sensitive documents.






Besides sending out vital and sensitive information, there are also necessary items that people would need that they could stream. School is a great area for that. They are implementing it in a few schools(St. Agnes Prep School Use emerge Compute Models With video). I know there are plenty of times where I have to carry three books and my back felt as if it was going to break. Also, I hated switching the books around depending on what day it was. I could have all my information on the laptop that I was carrying anyways would do me a lot more good. 






With vPro, the universities will be able to have a few servers that will check on the laptops that are given out to the students.  If there are any problems with the software (it wouldn't have to be just with the books, it could be with software that the university has rights to) that was being streamed the server computer can detect it and fix them remotely.  As a college student, I would love to have all my information just through my computer. I wouldn't have to worry about trucking all my stuff everywhere and it's all centrally located in one area. For a company, it ensures that all information needed is gathered in one area that can be obtained by the employees and it can be relayed back and forth.






How many times have you gone to the ATM and it says that it's out of service? For the financial intuitions, how about all of those remote ATM that is difficult to go out and service the computer? With vPro the sever will be anywhere and it can service the client away from the machine, saving the financial institutes plenty because the service guy does not have to go out at all hours. They can check if there is anything wrong with it's software or hardware away from the computers within minutes.






vPro is able to extend the possibilities of virtualization. It has helped to be able communicate two (or more) computers together and talk to each other. knowing that we could go farther and farther with the technology of vPro and having Centrino2 coming out, it's only going to be even more endless. The excuse that the dog ate my homework will not work anymore. (I think I am going to try to find a virtual dog!)



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