Now that Centrino2 with vPro is coming out, amongst the new features that it will carry is Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA). I thought to myself "what is this?" My internet digging, tells me that it is a way for the server to communicate to the client via AMT, offsite through a Management Presence Server (MPS). When a user initiates a CIRA request to their MPS, then the MPS is able to reach the client, passing through Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Then it will be able to go through the same AMT communication channels as any Pro system that is on the local network. On the laptop that is wireless that notebook can be anywhere as long as it's plugged in to power, and can connect to the VPN.


Josh Hilliker did a blog about a month ago, and it has a great diagram showing everything I have said. Centrino 2 - Digging in deeper into CIRA



Another great video to look at is the Intel Centrino2: C.T. Phone Home video.




Sleep state manageability is another feature that Centrino2 will carry. It will be able to turn on and off the notebook remotely without it being turned on but it does still need to be in the VPN. The device needs to be plugged in; it can't be running on the battery for this to work. You wouldn't want to try to turn on your computer and find out it's dead because all of the battery power is taken up trying to update your licenses or fixing any problems. The Centrino2 has energy saving features the notebook is using less energy with this new feature, and it is enabled at the times that make sense to your battery.




One feature that people will notice is the clear video technology so items like will look so much better. In addition, it will have more of graphics usage so you wouldn't have to purchase more graphics cards. It will look so good you will want to put your hands all over it!




Now I will not have to look like this when my laptop is on freak out mode. I can just call up IT and they can take care of it!






And if you want to know more go to the Intel Developer Forum Aug 19-21, 2008 in San Francisco. I will be there with my blogging skills!!