Centrino 2 with Intel vPro Technology

has arrived and one of the big changes to the platform is that it supports OOB Power management with AC power. This is a welcome addition to the platform, however let's go back to what does each power state mean and the delta between Centrino Pro vs. Centrino 2 with vPro..  


Let’s start by first describing the power states – check out the following blog by Ajay Mungara http://softwareblogs.intel.com/2007/01/10/all-about-system-power-states-s0-s5/  Ajay goes into detail what each power state means and how it applies to the vPro technology.  


The next thing is that we look at the centrino pro platform (code name: Santa Rosa) that was our first notebook with Intel vPro Technology.  In Gael’s post she explains with the Santa Rosa platform what the power settings mean. http://softwareblogs.intel.com/2007/07/11/centrinopro-platforms-and-power-packages-what-are-these/  


However the journey is not over yet..  you have to look to the new generation of Centrino Platform with vPro Technology to see the new changes to the power settings.  Here are a few screen shots that Gael put together that showcase in the ME the configuration changes.   Thank you Gael

If you are asking yourself what does this all mean?  Well, it means you can have OOB Wireless SX States, basically Power control in wireless mode when the platform has AC (yes, it’s finally here).   

Screen Shots of the ME with the new power settings