A month and a half has gone by since the BriForum and I am talking about it as if I was there yesterday. Jason Davidson and I, from time to time, reference many events that went on there. One day I was on BrianMadden.com and there was a post about a webinar that would be taking place on Wednesday July 30, 2008 about a summary on BriForum 2008. I promptly agreed to attend and shot an email to Jason. Jason, of course, signed up in a heartbeat.






It was fun to sit there and conjure up all sorts of thoughts while Brian Madden reviewed different topics that was presented at BriForum over the speaker. One of the interesting headliners that I am always interested in was on virtualization. There were many other topics but this one stuck with me. I remember that I read a blog that Brian did and he believes that if companies did things a certain way then they can become completely virtual by 2010.







You cannot help but reap the benefits from virtualization. There is more opportunity for memory banks, being able to help, fix, or get information remotely so you wouldn't have to be physically there, in addition, it would help on the green cause that much of society has picked up on. Less travel for people to work on the products, streaming applications instead of using products to produce them, and it also allows the IT department to keep the computers up to date almost instantaneously instead of days of work on computers.







While I was sitting there, I started to ponder; with as many positive, there are with virtualization (well with any great product) there is always going to be some sort of negative that goes along with it. I love learning everything I can about it; yet, I can't help but be a little skeptical about it. What if a company becomes so dependant on it and suddenly there is this "problem" that one can't fix. There is no perfect product.







Say the bandwidth is being over used within the company and it slows the internet connection. Could there be a problem large facilities like hospitals who would use and rely on the internet and if they had virtualization in their company and its connection doesn't work anymore? I am sure there would be a back up plan, but in a place where every second counts, would this really be a good situation for virtualization to be? Too much overhead or is this really the solution of our future?