I got to enjoy a hand's on experience with vPro this morning, I got tired of just reading everything. Another intern, Nick Molina showed me some capabilities that I have only read in whitepapers and postings from vPro experts. I am not sure on how you like to learn, but one of the best ways for me to learn is to see the product in action. Plus I didn't really understand it until it was put in front of me.


Nick was able to show me different remote capabilities, how the server is able to power on and off the client computers, and how to read the hardware from the client computer through the server. He also showed me how you can apply filters to the network interface that would cut out any outside source (e.g. through the WLAN) that would put the client and/or server in harm.



To be able to see this better you should see this YouTube video which shows the same thing as what I was learning from Nick. It's a bit shorter than what I have experienced, but it gives you the same idea. Watching this, and after reading my blogs of course, it gives you a better understanding of what vPro can do.



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Chapter 4 should be coming soon. It will be on trusted environments. Stay tuned!!




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