After much talking with end users and industry thought leaders, a group of us developed this utility the help people decide which compute model is best for a specific user segment. There are many items to consider when trying determining which compute model is best for your users. I believe this utility does a decent job at calling out the most common questions that help to determine the ones that would be well suited and lists the ones that may not be appropriate.



In this application, you walk through a compute model decision by answering a series of questions for a specific user segment (the user segment you enter is a free form text field and does not change the output). You are presented with a summary screen that will give you recommendations and concern areas based on your inputs. When you mouse over the compute model name, reasons why that model is or is not recommended are in the notes section.

I welcome any feedback.

-Jason A. Davidson

p.s. For compute model reference, please refer to this document: