Hi all,


Olde Fashion Shout out..  I wanted to personally thank the community for making vPro Expert Center a great community.  Thank you.. 




We’re almost a year old in the community and I have a few exciting things to share.   The vPro Radio show is now listed in the Itunes directory, search for Intel vPro and you will see the show.  So if your on the go and want to hear us talk about vPro. 





We have also started a blossoming partnership with myitforum.com which they have created an email distribution list that you can subscribe to.  Click here and you can subscribe to the list, we just started this and already the dialogue last week was great.  




Also we are working on fixing it so providing feedback, wiki updates and Ask the Experts thread is better for the community. Stay tuned as we fix this over the next week (or so)..


If you have additional feedback please post a comment here, or send me an email.  josh@intel.com.  


Thank You


Josh H

Intel Architect / Community Manager