Community Members,


I can't tell you how excited I am to share this with you as I have been waiting awhile to showcase more about CIRA & what is coming in Montevina from a vPro stand point.  I remember awhile back I was asked by a group of students if this capability would exist like this in the future & finally I can showcase more of the pieces of the puzzle to the world.  For the folks out there that asked me about this & I just smiled.. well.. here's more of the puzzle..


Here is the AMT 4.0 (Cira, Montevina) Platform User Guide that explains the MEBx settings in detailed screen views.  

Intel(R) Management Engine User Guide (Intel(R) AMT 4.0)


Also here is my first post on CIRA about what it does in picture format.

Client Initaitied Remote Access - vPro in 2008 - IDF


If you have any questions let me know & hopefully soon to follow will be a youtube video to show off these new capabilites of the new mobile platform.


Please watch out for this new platform to hit the news wire in the near future.....