Version 3.3 of the Intel Client Manageability Add-on has been released to bring more vPro manageability features to SMS. The following new features have been added:


  • Scheduled power command operations on collections. (Note that scheduled power commands are not executed on subcollections.)

  • Graceful shutdown (attempting to shut down a platform via its operating system) for Power Down operations on collections

  • Changes in the way the Add-on interprets and applies IP site boundaries within SMS, including an optional registry switch. If the switch is set, if the platform's subnet does not appear in the SMS properties for the platform, the platform will be considered as being in the site boundaries. Note: There is no change in the way the Add-on interprets and applies Active Directory site boundaries.


Intel Client Manageability Add-on version 3.3 can be downloaded from the following location: :






--Matt Royer