Wow, what a question to come up with. It is pretty broad. What is it used for? To have that cool sticker planted on your laptop or on your desktop? Is it a status issue? The first blog I posted did tell a little about vPro. It is a tiny little processor, no bigger than an aspirin pill, if you saw on the floor you would just throw it away, more likely, it would be lodged in your foot. That tiny little piece is so vital to what would take us to the future of virtual technology because of the remote management capabilities.







Imagine this:







*I have a friend who lives in, oh I don't know, Timbuktu and he comes over here to visit me here in Folsom. He realized he needed to get a file from his computer. Well, if he has the vPro processor in his computer and I, of course, have one in mine, he will be able to get what he needs from his computer virtually. You think to yourself: what a simple but complicated idea. It's complicated because you think, how does it do that? I don't have to go anywhere and I would be able to fix a computers software from my house. *</stro</p>











If the operating system is unresponsive, the power is off, and even if the hardware has failed, with vPro you are able to fix, protect, and get anything from your computer. That would save companies money, and who doesn't like to save money. They wouldn't have to fly a technician out to fix a computer. The technicians would have an opportunity to fix more than just one or two PC's. They can sit at their office and fix multiple PC's.







There is one thing I can't wrap my brain around you can work on the system when it's powered off? That was one thing that perplexed me from the last blog. Everyone knows you need power for any electric to work or for it to read anything, assuming everyone does know that. Well, I guess that not true if your system has vPro. It has a remote power up item on it. Amazingly, it can turn on a pc or laptop. But for this to only work is if the system is plugged into a wired LAN (Local Area Networks, they are special grades of twisted pair wires and network adapters connect the devices) and is connected to an AC power source then it will be able to be tapped into.







Crazy concept huh?!?!







Why would I personally use it since I am not a business? Well simple, convenience. If I am a busy person and I needed something from my computer at home and I am on my business laptop I can just do a couple of clicks and I have it. Or, in one instance, you are on a business trip and your family at home (surprisingly) screwed up the house computer and they can't get anything that they want off of it. You manage to be 1000 miles away but fix all the problems in an hour and you are the hero!! This little chip could be saving you a lot of money and time.







Next blog- HMMM...So many possibilities!! Stay tuned







-Sophia "the Intern" Stalliviere

















    • Note to self* would that mean it's also a "green product" because it would cut down on cost for gas since I wouldn't have to travel anywhere to fix something? I guess that might have to wait to be a whole other blog.