Some enterprises may find that they want to take advantage of both Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SP1) and System Center Operation Manager 2007 in their environment. Each independently have the ability to provision and manage vPro clients (natively from SCCM and through the Intel SCOM MP for SCOM), but is there a way so that both can manage the same vPro clients? YES, there is!






The way it works is that SCCM owns the provisioning (setting up certification, ACL, base configuration) and then both SCCM and SCOM w/ Intel SCOM MP can invoke vPro Use Cases. To get SCCM and SCOM w/ Intel AMT Management Pack to work together with vPro, here are the high level steps:



  1. If you have not already installed Microsoft SCCM SP1, Microsoft SCOM 2007, and the Intel SCOM MP, following the standard install documentation.

  2. Create a domain account that the Intel SCOM MP Service will run under. Once created, ensure you set the Log-in Account for the Intel SCOM MP Service to run under that account.

  3. Within SCCM under the Component Configuration -> AMT Settings -> AMT User Account Setting, add the domain account you created to run the Intel SCOM MP service under. Ensure you give that account sufficient access to perform the desired vPro function.

  4. Within SCOM Intel Management Pack, navigate to the "Intel AMT Management Pack Settings". Under Security Settings, set Kerberos to be used and check the "TLS Enable" check box. Under the CA Certificate, ensure to specify the file location of an export of the Root CA cert (This should be the same CA that SCCM is using to issue AMT client certificates). Once complete, make sure you restart the Intel SCOM MP Service.

  5. Now that base configuration is done, provision your vPro Client normally through SCCM. If you have already provisioned the vPro Client, ensure you "update management controller" so that new ACL is pushed to the vPro Clients. Once provisioned, you should be able to invoke vPro Use Case through SCCM Collection Based power control or the Out of Band Console without issue.

  6. Within SCOM, configure the IP range that includes all vPro Clients to be monitored by the Intel SCOM Management Pack. After the vPro Clients are discovered, you should be able to invoke vPro Usage from within SCOM as well.





--Matt Royer