As noted in a previous blog, Microsoft SCCM SP1 natively supports vPro hardware that is running firmware version 3.2.1 or higher. Although SCCM SP1 can support vPro firmware versions less than 3.2.1 by leveraging the Intel WS-MAN Translator, it is advised that you upgrade your OEM vPro Client to the latest supported firmware. Dell, HP, and Lenovo have release the 3.2.1 ME firmware for their vPro platforms and the firmware for those platforms can be downloaded from the following locations:






As a clarifying note, if you have a vPro Clients that are currently running on vPro firmware 2.x, you are not able to upgrade them to the 3.x version and will be required to use the Intel WS-MAN Translator to provision and manage those systems within SCCM SP1.







--Matt Royer