Intel® AMT Reflector is a software tool designed to allow local management of Intel® AMT Mangement Engine functionality from the local operating system. Removing the need to reboot to verify and change the Intel® AMT host computer name or un-provision Intel® AMT on the computer. This functionality improves debug and factory operations in activating and building Intel® AMT based client environments. This release completes DOPD SW Engineering's original functionality plan for the tool and is therefore marked as a production level release.


This release has the following updates from the Beta release:


· Added a timestamp to Intel® AMT events in the logs generated by the client-side applications.

· Fixed the XML logfile format so that it will be properly recognized by external applications that support the XML file format.

· Fixed the issue where some commands may not succeed on the first call for some Intel(R) AMT systems.

· Fixed the "Browse" button functionality in the Intel(R) AMT Reflector Server configuration window.

· The Intel® AMT Reflector Server now logs the client FQDN for each event.

· Removed the View Log window from the Intel® AMT Reflector Client application.

· Improved the error handling of the Intel® AMT Reflector Client application.


Download the tool here


Here's a 5 minute video overview of the tool's capabilities (Click here to view video on YouTube) :