I wanted to share out why my top 3 tool picks are for starting up with vPro, usually I am using these tools when I'm working on connectivity, packets or errors in the logs in the mgmt console. I also often find that I'm using these tools late at night when i'm deep in troubleshooting mode & trying to do a root cause on why something is not working as planned i.e. hello packets are not starting on a given hardware platform, etc..   (I'll save the showcase for a youtube video soon)..


here they are.................  


#1.  MEinfowin.exe -  Brian C posted a good link of where & how to get this from Lenovo's BIOS update.   I highly recommend this tool for troubleshooting version of the ME, SOL, etc..  it also has good information on setup & configuration, link status, etc..



#2.  Wireshark - Joel Smith (altiris) wrote about this in his blog, which is where I initially found the link.  http://juice.altiris.com/article/3636/troubleshooting-altiris-manageability-toolkit-vpro-technology-part-1-provisioning-clien 



While the two above tools are distinctly for Out of Band Provisioning, Wireshark tells the whole story of what is coming and going across the wire. It's important to know what the AMT clients are sending, especially in the 'Hello' packet, and what the server is responding with.


Wireshark can be obtained from: http://www.wireshark.org/. While this is the recommended tool, any network trace capture program can be used to examine the network traffic between the AMT client and the Provisioning Server.


#3.  Intel® vPro™ Technology Test Utility - this is the old faithful tool to ensure your vPro system has the right ingredients. 



These are my top 3, however if I were to go, in SMB mode I utilize the vPro Packet decoder and the AMT reflector, however I use those at very specific times when i've passed the top 3 and I am digging in even deeper.


I hope you enjoy the list and if you have a TOP tool favorite write a comment at the end of the blog and let me know as I am always looking for new tools that help troubleshooting.


Josh H