I witnessed our Internal IT guys defining a BKM that I thougth was very relevant to share out to the community, therefore let me explain.


Challenge:   How can you use a mgmt console to read the AMT version so you can write a report in your mgmt console? 


Output:  You need to have a value placed into the registry that has data whether it's all of the BIOS, MEBx, SOL, HECI, etc.. driver versions, then you can read this data into a mgmt report.  


Solution:  run MEInfowin.exe and redirect the output to a text file using the “>” operator

Example --




Then you need the write a program in your favorite language such as VB script or C# to read through that text file and write the desired into to the registry.


Then use your mgmt console to read these values & report out.    The internal IT guys are doing this to check versions.


Thanks Intel IT folks for the BKM.