On the quest to find tools that showcase saving energy, $$'s & overall how to optimize your energy bill I ran across this cNET Article titled:   Verdiem: Nyquil for energy-hog PCs

Full Details: http://www.news.com/8301-11128_3-9942968-54.html?tag=blog.promos.


I pulled this quote out as it applies to the vPro community. 


"Verdiem Surveyor 5.0 has a console to centrally configure different devices and additional reporting tools. It also has better integration with Windows Vista and integrates with Intel's vPro PC management technology so that it can access machines that aren't turned on"


I think this may be a good tool to showcase the quest on "saving energy" that I have been discussing in my last few energy posts.  I dug in deeper and found this site - http://www.greenmypcs.com/  in which they have a free download kit of information it looks like - I have to download & check it out.


If you are on this same quest.. let's check it out together & let me know your input on this blog.