Last week Intel sent me to Israel for an Intel only gathering of engineers, architects and specialists that work on Intel AMT. I was honored to attend and also to be a speaker taking about the progress made with the DTK. First of all, I want to thank all of the people in Intel Israel for making this trip a great success. I also got to hear about many DTK success stories and it all of the hard work worth it. I was especially surprised with the DTK’s success in Asia, but also all over the world. I am still not sure if it’s the tutorial videos, the translations or what.


In addition to the meetings, we had a great time visiting the old city of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and later on my own the city of Elat and Petra in Jordan. I got some of the most wonderful pictures and uploaded some on Google servers here:




These pictures cover the 10 days of my trip, starting with the old city then me playing in the mud and floating in the Dead Sea and finishing with my visit to Jordan. Jordan was probably this highlight of this trip, there is something just odd about traveling in this vast desert and realizing that I was in the country that had a common border with Iraq. For most of us in the US, it seems so distant. The city of Petra in Jordon has unique sand stone carvings in the walls. Some people will also notice that the Indiana Jones movie was filmed at this location. Petra was named one of the new 7 wonders of the world and as a result got a surge in tourism. It’s a wonderful place, hot and laid back.




Most people travel by air from Jerusalem to Elat and Jordan, but I opted to take the bus. It’s a 4 and a half hour trip thru amazing scenery. It’s also inexpensive, about 12 to 15$ and much more convenient than by airplane. I will say that except for the bus, everything was very expensive in US dollars. It’s a shame the dollar is so weak, I don’t except to make many of these trips.




Last week was the holocaust memorial day in Israel and I happened to visit the Wailing Wall with some of my Intel co-workers just as 1000’s of people where attending a ceremony that was being broadcast live on TV. One of my pictures shows all the people at the wall.




The Dead Sea was really amazing, it’s so saturated with salt that you simply float. This sea is the lowest point on Earth I am told, it’s 1,378 feet below sea level. Your ears pop on the way there as the air pressure increases. As pressure increases so does the temperature which will often be 10 degrees hotter than Jerusalem. The Dead Sea is well known for the Dead Sea salts used as skin treatment. It also gave me a great excuse to play in the mud! You let it dry and wash it off to wonderful skin… but it’s also just loads of fun.




To sum it up, this 10 day trip was simply amazing. In addition to meeting many people who use the DTK, I also got to see and experience some unique places I will never forget.




Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)