After walking around the booths yesterday the trend was clear - Integration Matters, make it easier.  I couldn't agree more.  Integration is where the value is driven from, understanding, planning & leveraging the right HW/SW solution is the key.


Day 2 kicks off - Brad Anderson - The changing desktop landscape.  Discussing Dynamic IT, w/ the focus moving towards User -Focused.  Even here the message keeps ringing "INTEGRATE". 


Brad started the discussion around vPro - also that SCCM  SP1 - May, R2 release candidate in July.   He discussed "Comprehensive Management" that focuses in 4 vectors: physical, virtual, User setting/data & Hardware.   


Now onto Dave Randall - configuration with vPro. with SCCm SP1 there are 15 OOB mgmt features they are supporting (I will get that list).   He then took a bank of PC's in the comms area & shut them down..  Would you really do that in your enterpise - probably not, but if you lost control of the box this is available.  


Dave is showing all the key features of OOB - i.e. SOL into the bios, also discussing the use of IDE-R (IDE redirect).