Back on the topic of Energy, I received a presentation that Rick Maddox (Symantec) reviewed at ManageFusion that explains Energy Wasting Statistics (for example:  60% of PCs are left on overnight).  Also: 


•Typical PC uses 588 kWh of energy per year

–1,000 lbs of CO2

–2/3 of the energy is wasted

–15 PCs = 1 mid-size car


Wow!.  very interesting when you compare to a mid-size car.  In this presentation Rick goes on to show how Altiris is making a difference with it's partners as well as showed their Energy Saver toolkit.  I have not used this toolkit as of yet, however here is the info page on their site.


Here's the full presentation:

Rick Maddox - ManageFusion - Green IT


Update on tools, I'm still working to get a set of tools that I can share out or reference from the community around power.  I hope to blog about this in the next 1-2 weeks.  If you are interested to hear what i'm doing check out my last blog.