I am glad you inform everyone that the Intel AMT DTK is back online and once again, my apologies for the interruption. Version v0.52x was released, with just a few fixes over the previously posted v0.51x. It's mostly the same as before, not many new features, but if you have experiences problems in the past, try this version.


Probably the area where the DTK is improving most is with general stability and WSMAN. When using Intel AMT 3.0, Intel AMT Commander and Intel AMT Outpost will use WSMAN instead of SOAP. Since all the calls are different, many new bugs showed up. As we get the benefit of more testing and feedback, the code keeps improving. Users can force Commander to use SOAP by going to the "View" - "Advanced properties". The second tab has a check box to remove using WSMAN first. WSMAN will of course still be used if Commander determines that WSMAN is the only available option.


Next week I am once again heading to Israel to meet with this Intel AMT firmware development team. Last year I had a pretty shaky flight over, something I had blogged about. Hopefully this year will be better. At Intel, this is going to be the ultimate meeting of everyone related to AMT, so I will get to meet some of the other people that post on the forums, and many of the people that I get the most complicated answers from.


Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)