Have you seen this?   if you have I bet your wondering why.. This error can be seen during a SOL session with Altiris when there is a BIOS password set on the notebook.  





Recently out on a visit we found this error & were checking between a known good system.


We did a little research and saw that default for Terminal Emulation Mode was set to VT100 through the BIOS, instead of using the tool that HP has for windows.  After we returned to the plant we used the tool to snap these pixs of the BIOS. 




After changing the Terminal Emulation Mode to ANSI we were able to achieve this..


of course after the change the new option was selected "ANSI"..


This is the right result you should see..



Success!!   give this a shot if you are using a BIOS Password on a HP 2510P with Altiris..