Available for download and use is the SCS Setup Wizard, a tool designed to automate the installation of the Intel® Setup and Configuration Service (SCS) along with the third party pre-requisite components automatically. This beta level aplication is fully configurable to meet your specific installation requirements.


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Background -


The Intel Setup and Configuration Service for Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) is a free toolset that simplifies the preparation of hardware that supports Intel AMT for remote administration.


Intel SCS automates the process of populating Intel AMT managed platforms with the usernames, passwords, and network parameters that enable the platforms to be administered remotely.


The automation of these activates provide an efficient means of implementing Intel AMT hardware for enterprise customers.


The Intel SCS service works with other services in order to provide a secure setup and configuration infrastructure for Intel AMT devices.


To successfully take advantage of the functionality that the Intel SCS service can provide, all of the other needed services must be correctly installed and configured. These services include:


Microsoft SQL* Server

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

Microsoft Certificate Authority

Active Directory


Installing and configuring all of the services needed to utilize the Intel SCS can take an experienced user 2+ hours to complete. Using the automation provided by the SCS Setup Wizard, this process can take less than 30 minutes.


SCS setup Wizard Performs the following functions -


Install/configure MS SQL Server 2005 Express* Edition and MS SQL Server Management Studio Express

Install/configure Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

Install/configure MS Certificate Authority*

Install/configure Active Directory Services

Install certificate for IIS

Install certificate for Intel AMT Client

Install/configure Intel SCS service


Download here:

Download SCS Setup Wizard Binary

Download SCS Setup Wizard Source


DOPD Software Engineering Team