What is interesting is that I spent a few years prior to Intel in the Gas & Electric industry, spending time with customers & internal electric troubleshooters.   During this time I spent a few dedicated months talking about saving Kilowatts, how to do it, tips, tricks, tools & breaking bills down to specific pieces of hardware in the house that are good suspects.  I remember at this time (early 90's) that we received an update about computers and their impact on the customers bills, and at that moment I was wow'd by the impact.  Well, since then things have changed and it feels like for the better, of course even better with vPro and yes I do believe..  


So over the next 2 months I'm working on doing a few power tests on vPro to show the value of having a vPro system & what we see in the End user labs that we've setup.  If you are as interested as I am let me know, it would be great to run these tests in parallel to see what results we get and the # of kilowatt hours we save collectively.  


so how can you let me know?  2 way's.. 

1.  blog me back here with your comments

2.  shoot me an email at Josh@Intel.com - Yep. Josh@intel.com 


If you think there's no way you can save Kilowatt hours with vPro, let me know that to.. i'm interested in your thougthts, opinion, etc..


Looking forward to comments..