On April 8th, Intel Vice-President Gregory Bryant was part of the opening ManageFusion keynote led by Symantec's Steve Morton.


In the first part of the keynote, Steve talked about his travels to Intel to learn more about Intel vPro technology. Then Gregory talked about about how customers are realizing value today with Intel vPro technology through better remote management, better power management and better security policies - essentially allowing IT administrators to "levitate." View the first part of the keynote below:





Then, Gregory (along with Steve) introduced Ted Wilkinson, an IT Vice-President at Bank of NY-Mellon. He talked about his infrastructure of 47,000 PCs after the integration of Bank of NY with Mellon Bank, and how Intel vPro technology helps his new infrastructure with enhanced remote power control and remote remediation - which eliminates costs within his new infrastructure.


Also, Gregory discussed future Intel vPro technology directions - including:


    • The dynamic virtual client - which blends the manageability of thin clients with the ability to take advantage of the performance of thick clients

    • The ability to manage laptops and desktops that are outside of the corporate firewall starting with Intel vPro technology that come out mid 2008

    • The integration of hard drive encryption with Intel vPro technology starting in Q3'08 that is easy to manage


View the second part of the keynote with Gregory below: