How do you decipher RCT Codes?   Great question.  In the Intel AMT SCS Installation and User Maual there is a section of the document focused on the RCT.  Here's the sample uses.



This is on Page 70 of the[User Manual.|


Also here are the Codes that come back after running.


If your receiving an Error #7 specifically.  Here's more information:



Unable to connect to the SCS. This may be due to a number of causes, such as TCP error, HTTP error, or server not

found. This may result from:

• An incorrect FQDN for the SCS in the command line.

• A failed HTTPS connection due to a missing trusted root certificate.

• IIS is stopped on the SCS platform.


If you are interested in where this tool is located, Bill York explained in this post


Hope this helps......