On my travel's out of the factory and on the road with vPro users, I was able to see a new tool that I had not seen to date.   When the User pulled up resource manager he showed me a new way to fast track to a machine.  The Screen looked like this.



I asked where the tool was and was given this link on Altiris Juice.



Here is the code you will see in the VBS file.


REM Authored by: Benjamin Palmer

REM Company: <Your Company Here>


strAnswer = InputBox("Please enter a computer name you would like to view the resource information for:",".oO - Quick View Resource Manager - Oo.")


If strAnswer = "" Then



    strURL = "http://Deploy1/Altiris/Resource/ResourceManagerConsole.aspx?Name="&strAnswer

    Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")


End If


I found this a very useful tool for Altiris Users that know the machine and want to fast track to the notebook/desktop.   Or you could give this tool to your help desk for them to easily get to a machine vs. navigating through the console. 


NOTE:  please make sure you change out the "DEPLOY1" with your console name.


If you have a great tool like this that you use, please share out..