Hi all. I wanted to announce the release of the Intel AMT DTK v0.51 on the public web site. As usual, lots of improvements have been made since the last version thanks for much testing and feedback from users. There are a few things that are particularly interesting about this new release of the Intel AMT DTK and lets get right to it:



  • Build-in C# WSMAN stack. As Intel AMT is transitioning to WSMAN calls for remote managibility, adding WSMAN support into the DTK has been increasly important. In the past, the DTK made use of WinRM, a Microsoft component that needed to be installed and configured. With version 0.51 of the DTK, I build my own WSMAN stack in C# right into the DTK stack. As a result, no more dependency on WinRM at all and no more compile problems. Additionaly, the DTK is now much faster at making WSMAN calls since all HTTP requests are now pipelined, and the DTK can connect to AMT computers that have invalid TLS certificates (a warning will be displayed of course). This is big news for anyone interested in WSMAN work. If you build your own managibility solution, I suggest you look at grabbing at least that part of the DTK source code.

  • Intel AMT Flash Tool. This version of the DTK adds a new Intel AMT Flash Tool. It will help users correctly setup a USB flash key so that it can be use to provision Intel AMT computers. As many of you many know, Intel AMT will in the right conditions, read a setup.bin file in a USB flash key when booted and use the information to help setup Intel AMT. The setup.bin file must be at the very start of the USB key and this new tool with help with that. The new tool is based on a similar tool that has already been released on the Intel Pro Center.

  • Intel AMT Reflector tool. Another new tool is a TCP connection reflector. It's a small generic tool that accepts connections and forwards the data back to the source IP address on a target port. It's useful for accessing Intel AMT from your own computer using a reflector on a different computer. I use it for recording some of my demonstration videos, but it can also be used by agents running localy that want to re-configure Intel AMT on itself. For example, detecting an OS name change and updating Intel AMT.





Many more changes and fixes have also been done, for example the terminal now correctly detects Serial-over-LAN disconnection, etc. For a full list, the DTK includes a change log.


Intel AMT DTK v0.51x Audio Blog (.mp3)


Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)