The USB Key Provisioning Utility (UKPU) tool is designed to create a valid USB key for provisioning Intel® AMT Systems. The UKPU tool prepares a USB Flash drive, copies the requested setup.bin to the drive, and also verifies that the setup.bin is saved using the proper procedures necessary to ensure that it is detected by Intel® AMT.


The tool has a 'repair' mode that allows you to take an existing USB Key and reconstruct it to ensure the setup.bin is visible to Intel® AMT. In addition, you can set up a USB Key using any renamed setup.bin file on your computer, and the tool will automatically ensure it is renamed to 'setup.bin' when setting up the key.


Here's a 3 minute video overview of the tool's capabilities (Click here to view video on YouTube):


Both binary only & open source licensed source versions available at the download site.


DOPD SW Engineering Team