If you want to upgrade your Centrino Pro laptop from AMT 2.5 to 2.6 to take advantage of Remote Configuration (RCFG, AKA "Zero Touch"), it can be done, but few gotach's you need to be aware of:


First, the basics: There are two independent Firmware components at play: The ME Firmware, which is the actual AMT embedded software, and MEBx which is a BIOS extention that provides the interface to configure AMT.


Once you have upgrad the AMT ME Firmware to 2.6 (that you downloaded from Intel web site), your MEBx reamins at a previous ver (i.e 2.5). So, when you go to MEBx screen (using cntrl-P), what you see at the top right of the screen is the version of MEBx not AMT. Many people are confused by that and think that this is the AMT version, which it is not. To see the actual AMT version, you can either run MEInfo (tool which is available with the FW download), or, simply login to AMT through the webUI.


Here is the complication: MEBx, being the older version, does not expose 2.6 features (such as managing certificate hashes) so how can you provision the system in RCFG? As it turns out, when you "un-provision" the client, AMT goes to a default state which is ‘ready for RCFG'. Since it has the built-in certificates hashes, it can be provisioned with one of them. But again, since MEBx 2.5 does not provide access to certificate management, you can not add your own certificate hashes.



This complication stems from the fact that OEMs have not posted yet release 2.6. Usually, OEMs FW release will include both MEBx and AMT as one package. When you download AMT from Intel web site, you get only AMT FW (MEBx is vendor specific). Once OEMs post 2.6 on their website, both MEBx & AMT FW will match and there will be no confusion.



Happy upgrade!

--Noah Inbar