Wednesday - Russ will be co-hosting with me as we discover more about Microsoft SCCM SP1 with Matt Royer.  You may have seen the river of great posts from Matt around SCCM and he's a known pro on SCCM.  Matt will be discussing the following topics: 


•     SCCM SP1 Provisioning and Ease of vPro Client Provisioning

•     SCCM SP1 Collection Based Power Management and Task Sequence Power On Capability

•     SCCM SP1 Out of Band Management Console for 1 to 1 vPro Client Management


We usually do this every two weeks, however with all that is happening with SCCM SP 1 we thought it would be great to discuss this as soon as we could pull this together.  I hope you can join us.  Here's the data on the Talk Show:


Dial In: (347) 326-9831

Time:  1:30PM PST


You can listen here or go to the URL below as well . 





If you have questions fire up chat during the call & ask the experts... 


Josh H