When trying to update your bios on a vPro machine with an Intel® Desktop Board DQ35JO you might find a problem when you try to boot it from a CD. It reads it as a boot CD, but when you press any key to start the boot it may come up with an error message similar to this:



To fix this, you must change how your BIOS manages SATA disk drives. Under the “Advanced” tab, you will find a category called “Drive Configuration”. Change the “Configure SATA as” option from “AHCI” to “IDE” as shown.









Otherwise, you must upgrade through Windows using the .EXE file provided Here







Download the .exe file onto a flash drive or CD and open the .exe when the computer has booted up by going to My Computer, Flash Drive or CD Drive, then double click the .exe file to runing the setup.











Follow the onscreen instructions, until the screen looks like this:











Click Finish, and setup will update the BIOS. It will shut down then reboot and show a black screen showing what it is doing. It should take about 5-7 minutes. When it is done then it will boot up and should come up with a screen that says it completed successfully.











Congratulations! You have updated your Intel BIOS. Including numerous bug fixes, this will update your AMT ME firmware to version




--Cody Frank

GBiT Technician - vPro Coordinator




--Matt Ford

GBiT Technical Services Manager