Client Manageability Add-on (aka AMT Add-on) version 3.2 for SMS 2003 has been released. For download and more information, please visit:


Bug Fixes / Issues Resolved


  • An Intel® AMT PC can be configured to use HTTP Digest network communication. Part of the Digest header is a random string which includes the platform UUID. Under certain circumstances depending on the manufacturing flow, it is possible that the Digest UUID and the actual platform UUID as stored in the hardware inventory table do not match. The Intel® Add-on for SMS would reject HTTP Digest communications from a system with mismatching UUIDs. Note that the Digest string uses the UUID purely as a random number and does not use it as an identifier, so there is no reason that they must match. This hotfix amends the functioning to ignore mismatching UUIDs.

  • There were cases involving sites containing very large numbers of AMT devices where menu selections would be displayed unacceptably slowly. This has been solved.

  • In rare cases, expired advertisements would wake up AMT devices. This has been solved.

  • Due to the way in which SMS performs log message collection large numbers of messages are collected, many of which are not critical AMT device messages. Although these messages are valid, they are nonetheless not required in many situations. A workaround has been implemented that allows for the suppression of various levels of non-critical messages.


New Features from 3.1 to 3.2


  • The Add-on service account no longer requires local administrator permissions.

  • There is no longer a need for a dedicated Add-on service account. The user specifies the Add-on service account during installation.

  • New Active Directory groups.

  • The Add-on is integrated with version 3.3 of the Intel® AMT Setup and Configuration Service.

  • Operations no longer require SMS Administer permissions, except for changing the Add-on Settings.

  • A user in the Redirection Managers group can terminate another user's redirection operation.











Matt Royer