Yesterday night I was in the zone and worked practically all night, actually I went home at 2am. People who know how wonderful being "in the zone" is will understand. In any case, I recorded two new tutorial videos and added them to the big tutorial video pack that is available on the Intel AMT DTK page. So, the video pack went from 11 to 13 tutorial videos and from 146 to over 160 megabytes... but it's worth it!


Advanced 3PDS usages video: This is a video I wanted to record for a long time. Ever since the improved 3PDS support in the DTK, I wanted to show off what new cool things can be done with 3PDS. In this video, show how both Intel AMT Commander and Intel AMT Outpost can access 3PDS. The remote vs local access of 3PDS is a little different and takes some getting use to. I show how I can drag & drop a picture into 3PDS and view it on the other side. Both tools have a way to view 3PDS data in HEX, UTF8, picture or web page. Just right click on the data and select the way you want to view it. If your going to demo 3PDS, pictures are the way to go. I also show how I can store WMI data into 3PDS and retrieve it remotely.


Resource Translator video:  The Intel AMT DTK includes it's own tool for translating the DTK to other languages. English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and some French are already available and I am always looking for people to help translate to new languages or correct existing strings. In talking to Ajay, if you help with DTK translation, we will certainly send some type of gift... or I would personally get a gift from the Intel store to anyone who helps out. Just load the dictionary in the tool, select a language, filter on a tool to translate, work, save often and send the dictionary file to me.


That's it. I asked Ajay who runs this community to add the two new videos for streaming so they should show up on the Intel AMT DTK web page in a few days. Right now, you need to download the big video package to get them.


Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)