It's time for another release of the Intel AMT DTK v0.48x. The "X" stands for external since for the last two months I have been working on upcoming Intel platforms features and so, not releasing public updates as often as I use to. In this release there are so many changes, I can't really go thru them all.


I think users will see the Intel AMT Commander UI has been improved a lot, and some work has been done to improve responsiveness. The look of the UI is also improved, especialy heuristic and agent presence features. WSMAN support is moving along, I recently found and added a way to automaticaly detect that an Intel AMT computer is in WSMAN only mode and connect to it correctly. WSMAN support is still weak, but improving.


For people looking at the Intel AMT DTK source code, many more changes. Intel AMT Commander's main form was starting to be way to big and so now all the right hand side panels and proken up into seperate files. The terminal was also broken up, a new VT100 user control is now avaialble to process serial-over-LAN on-screen display. This is very useful for developers that want to build their own VT100 terminal that looks different from Intel AMT Commander.


Certificate and TLS handling was improved thruout. First, many of the tools will now work better with mutual-authentication, this is especialy true for IAmtTerm.exe that did not do so well with mutual-auth before. Intel AMT Director's certificate handling is improved, you can now drag & drop a certificate on Director's certificate manager to import, added more certificate formats and Director can now issue certificates with many common names, just like Intel SCS does. Commander will also handle these certificates better than before.


All in all, this is a major new update to the Intel AMT DTK. I encorage people to keep sending bug reports, and thank everyone who already did.


Download: Intel AMT DTK v0.48x Audio Blog (.mp3)