Last month's post of the open source packet decoder is just the first of a strong list of tools planned by the team that brings you the Technology Test Utility. The iCSO software engineering team is charted with making utilities and applications available to the public that accelerate and simplify the adoption and activation of Intel vPro technology.


We will be maintaining these tools and look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and participation in making these tools the best they can be for you and the marketplace. Our commitment is to post new versions of each tool at least every other month and of course post earlier if issues are found that render the tool less than useful.


The next tool we will be posting is a Pre-Installation Utility intended to speed the first user experience and automate as much as possible the initial setup of the Intel® AMT(tm) Setup and Configuration (aka SCS) environment in enterprise mode. Coupled with post setup wizards it will enable users to provision devices with minimal effort and time.



We look forward to hearing your feedback on our efforts.



Intel's iCSO Software Engineering Team