Will it PRO?  (Series #1)  A series of experiments of interesting use cases for vPro.


One of the recent quests for me was to dig deeper into the UMD’s & how they could play an active role in the Management of vPro Technologies.  Well after a month of testing & utilizing in a Small build out, here are my results.  The premise of a UMD managing a client is somewhat out of the standard scope for a UMD, which has traditionally resonated around multi usage for an End user & being context / content rich usage.  Therefore as you start to apply manageability/security across a UMD & then apply Management tools on top of the core platform you see a new platform opportunity.  


Let me start by defining the scope of the testing environment:   2 clients, 1 Centrino w/ vPro Technology & 1 vPro desktop (AMT 2.0), utilizing Intel System Defense Utility due to rapid startup & I have utilized since initial launch.  I will seek additional ISV consoles & attempt the same test in the near future (to be determined).  The UMD device is a ASUS R2H Ultra-Mobile PC.



I started by making sure all machines were powered (NOT ON), just plugged in, I loaded up the UMD w/ ISDU & then ran the scan to see if I could see the machines.   After the normal wait, I was presented back with my machines & rather than me type up the rest of the process I’ll show you via this video.



As I discovered the ISDU tool was not conducive as much as I expected it would on the UMD platform, as the scrolling within the application caused me delays in seeing all options & being able to select specific machines.   I was pleased by the response rate & the fact that I could be on the go w/ a light weight UMD vs. carrying my notebook with me.   


The big question was could this platform be a key part of a IT strategy for managing clients?   I think it’s too early to answer that question…..  however it was a lot easier to make quick fixes on machines while I was on the GO vs. packing my laptop.   Would I spend all of my time on the UMD to do client manageability, not at this time, missing the fully functional keyboard to input complex filters limited my ability to compute fast (specifically typing speed & navigation). 


If you have a UMD story to share please let me know as I would like to know your input on usage w/ vPro & UMD.   


Next Series – maybe WiMax? 


Josh H