I am happy to announce that we just put online a new Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK) tutorial video pack. It's just a large 146 megabytes ZIP file with 11 tutorial videos recorded using a desktop capture application and two live Intel AMT demonstrations using Intel AMT Commander. This is great news for people who had problems streaming the videos before or who simply wanted to get all the videos in highest possible quality. The tutorial video pack is available on the Intel AMT DTK web page, at the bottom of the page.



Many people ask how I record the tutorial videos. I simply use Microsoft's Windows Media Encoder 9 tool, it's available for free on the Microsoft web site. The best audio quality, I got myself a USB headset with built-in microphone. I just never had good luck with normal microphones that plug into sound cards, and this USB headsetalways works perfectly. I don't usually rehearse much before recording these videos and sometimes I record them late at night. As a result you get a pretty honest look at how I use the Intel AMT DTK myself.



The tutorial video pack includes early videos from the Intel AMT DTK v0.11 days, and much newer videos recorded using a yet unreleased version of the Intel AMT DTK. If you are really lucky and happen to own an Intel AMT 3.0 computer, you will be especially interested in the new heuristic tutorial video and will noticed that Intel AMT Commander's UI has been updated. I will get the latest version online within the next week, it's really cool and much improved.




Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)