First off, happy new year to everyone. It's this time of year to reflect on 2007 and it certainly was a great year for the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK)  and all of Intel vPro Technology and Intel AMT. For one, the DTK has new been public on the Intel web site for about a year now and certainly getting better and better with every version.


In the last few weeks, we have received early prototypes of new upcoming Intel platforms and been working on them. I know many Intel partners read my blog and if you have access to early prototypes, make sure to ask your Intel representative for the latest version of the DTK designed to work with them.



I also worked quite a bit on improving the user interface for many aspects of the DTK. I generally think the UI improvements is absolutely impossible to finish, there is always more to do. For example, I am starting to add support for drag & drop where it makes sense, improving the UI at other places, etc.



For 2008, we will continue to improve the quality of the DTK tools, add a pile more features and keep trying to make things easier to use. I also expect to support more WSMAN, and I would like to get more time to work on Intel AMT Monitor since I think that's the next fun Intel AMT vPro tool in the works.



Ok, I will try to get a new public version of the DTK  released soon.




(Intel AMT Blog)