AMT Usage Models for 2006 -- vPro Expert Center


Remote Asset Inventory

o     The IT management console is able to “see” all PCs physically connected to the network, regardless of their power state.

o     Count your networked PCs even when

powered down or the OS is inoperable

o     Faster, more accurate than manual audits

o     Assist compliance with government regulations

Hardware and Software Inventory

o     Accurately inventory hardware and software assets

o     Third-party software can now store hardware and software asset information in tamper-resistant, nonvolatile memory on vPro™ technology-based PCs, where it can be securely accessed by authorized staff from the IT console.

o     Remote hardware inventories assist with upgrade planning

or lifecycle management

o     Save money on license fees with accurate software inventories

Remote Diagnostics and Repair

o     Diagnose, reboot, and repair PCs down-the-wire

o     PC unable to boot --> PC sends an alert --> PC remotely rebooted from standard image on management server --> Technician diagnoses problem and repairs issue as appropriate (remote SW update, local HW install)

o     Reduce the number of deskside visits

o     Rapid response gets users up and running quickly

Agent Presence Checking

o     An agent by definition is a complex software entity capable of acting with a certain degree of intelligence and autonomy in order to accomplish specific tasks or support the tasks of other software entities.]

o     Keep agents operating correctly

o     Management or security agent is continuously checking in with Intel vPro technology --> Management agent fails to check in --> PC alerts IT  console that management agent is missing or non-functioning --> IT management console repairs non-working management agent

o     Management agents in place ensure more accurate PC asset inventory

Encrypted, Remote Power-On and Update

o     Push security updates to PCs even if they are powered off

o     IT Management Console reviews agent software report in management database for client DAT version to identify clients requiring update --> Unique encrypted power-on command issued by IT console --> Virus DAT file on PC updated and rebooted if necessary --> Encrypted power-off command sent to PC

o     Encrypted, remote deployment of patches without user interruption

o     Reduce time required to deploy patches, reduces vulnerability

Hardware-Based Isolation and Recovery

o     Filter harmful viruses and isolate infected PCs

o     Hardware filters add a new level of security to your PC fleet

o     Isolation helps prevent infected PCs from spreading viruses

PCs with Proactive Security -- Agent Presence Checking

o     Keep agents operating correctly

o     Security agents in place reduce IT vulnerability

o     Management or security agent is continuously checking in with Intel vPro technology --> Security agent fails to check in --> PC alerts IT console that security agent is missing or non-functioning --> IT management console repairs non-working security agent

Increased Energy Efficiency -- Innovative Services and Initiatives

o     Save valuable energy with the use of energy management policy software and Intel® vPro™ processor technology

o     IT console sets Energy Management Policy with agent --> System powered down when inactive, based on policy --> System can be reliably activated for maintenance via secure management channel --> Energy Management agent protected via agent presence monitor

o     Enterprise policy centrally managed & tamper resistant

o     Agent can report energy usage and savings back to console


-Kelsey Witherow