It's time for a new release of the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit. Version v0.45 was released Saturday morning with a bunch more bug fixes and improvements. People ask me what the formal road map for the DTK is and I answer that there is none, its customer driven and I constantly improve many features. Of course, I have my ideas where I am going with this, but I am always looking for suggestions.



Let's look at a few new features in this release:



Intel AMT Commander can now auto-detect and connect to LMS. In the past, only Intel AMT Outpost could connect to the local Intel AMT interface. In this new release, Intel AMT Commander will automatically detect and connect to LMS. So you can direct Commander to connect to "localhost" enter the username and password and it will work. Currently, you can't do much, on AMT 2.5 and higher systems, Intel AMT Commander will display the Intel AMT event log.



Intel AMT Commander re-branding. It's now easier than ever to add branding to Commander, just create a "branding" folder under Intel AMT Commander's executable and put a set of bitmaps in the directory. The default bitmaps will be replaced the next time Commander is run. You can find all the details in the readme.txt file of the DTK. By the way, it's perfectly fine to re-brand and ship Commander or any of the Intel AMT DTK tools. For example: To include with Intel AMT motherboards, etc.



Improves Intel AMT Stack. The Intel AMT stack built in C# on which Intel AMT Commander and the other tools are built on is improving all the time. In this version, I took special care to clean up the "AmtSystem" class. It's the root class for all of the Intel AMT functionality. For a quick sample on how to use the stack, look at the "IAmtCmd" project in the DTK source code.[Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit|]



Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit v0.45 Audio Blog (.mp3)



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